Gear, fo' free!

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posted by Stab

Creatures of Leisure is a brand we are really, very fond of.  Do you want a reason to lust for them like we do?  On any wave, no matter how thrilling, they improve your chances of escaping alive, and provide excitement!  All functionality and subtlety.  Legropes?  Keep you wave-catching.  Tail pads?  Gives that back foot of yours a little bit o’ push.  Board bags?  Protect your craft, and allows you to travel overseas (at least, a little bit more safely!).  Check out their range, here.

Oh, and have we got a special treat for you!  Any purchases of surfboards on our site (over this way, if y’please), mean you get a tail pad, and fin gift.  Yes, fo’ free!  Why don’t you ponder over some crafts, here.  And then, imagine your next session on a brand new board, with a brand new tail pad, and brand new fins.  Be fun, right?