Mason Ho, Yadin Nicol and Ev Geiselman

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posted by Stab

Mason Ho clips are always a treat. There is always an extra bit o’ sizzle that one rarely gets an opportunity to see.  Howzat first spin?  The Hawaiian season’s tuning up, as you’re well aware, and these are some fresh visions of what’s been going on there, in Mason’s world. Mr Ho, as always, will make you wanna go surfing real bad (hang five in closeout toob?), so… hit the triangle and let him.

Recently, Channel Islands’ released a new board, called the ‘Weirdo Ripper’ (check it out, here).  Summer is tuning up in Australia, hence waist-high and onshore is about to become a whole lot more prevalent, which makes this board rather timely.  This clip features Yadin Nicol, the man who conceived the board, and pal Evan Geiselman, putting the Ripper through its paces. It certainly has pop.