The Best Things in Life are Free

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posted by Kate McCart

They say the best things in life are free. And I couldn’t agree more. As much as I love new clothes, handbags and shoes (come on who doesn’t?!) it’s really the small, unexpected moments in life that you always remember. Deepak Chopra once said “the healthiest response to life is joy” and it’s this happiness and love that catches you by surprise and makes your life a memorable one.

The feeling of a summer fling, listening to the rain beat down on a hot summer’s night, laughing with your friends until you cry and laying in a paddock making shapes out of the clouds are all moments that make my heart skip a beat. All these pivotal times in life are free to experience and enjoy but there is always that one little detail that makes them so much more special.

We all know that special feeling of your first summer fling, when you spend days at the beach and nights by a campfire consuming each other’s time and pretending that it will last forever. Ride your beach cruisers to the beach and always remember those moments with Billabong‘s magnetic photo frames. And as the days get colder and you grow apart send them a card reminding them that although summer is over they made it all worthwhile.

Billabong Magnetic Photo Frames Pack – Seafoam.

Bondi Beach Cruisers Icebrg Bicycle – Lemon.

Pigeon Hole Wood Event Card Whale Love – Natural.

As the nights gets steamy and afternoon storm season rolls in, listen to the rain slowly beating down on your roof with the smell of summer candles or reeds drifting through the room. SurfStitch have amazing scents from Saltwater Lifestyle and Palm Beach Collection.

Saltwater Lifestyle Frangipani Scented Candle – Frangipani.

Palm Beach Collection Coconut and Lime Diffuser – Natural.

Dance and laugh the night away with your best friends listening to your favourite tunes on Speakrbox and afterwards fill a photo album of those magical and unexpected moments.

Speakrbox The Original Speakers – Black.

Marks Camera Photo Album – Silver.

On a lazy Sunday afternoon find a big grassy paddock and lay under that old golden oak watching the world drift by as you make shapes out of the clouds. Don’t forget to pack a wine cooler and picnic pack to make the afternoon last a lifetime.

Picnic Pack.

Sunnylife Wine Cooler Bag – Jervis.