OBSESSION: Flatforms.

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posted by Kate McCart

Flatforms?! I hear you ask? It’s not a flat, it’s not a platform: it’s both, and it’s fabulous. Seen increasingly on the runways throughout 2012, this quirky and slightly left of centre shoe has popped up on SurfStitch‘s radar, particularly through footwear brand Soles. Let us tell you exactly why we’re so obsessed with the flatform!

For starters: If you don’t live on the set of Gossip Girl or Sex and the City, heels during the day are generally unacceptable, and are seldom seen (unless they’re smaller and paired with business attire). They are left for nights out at the bar, or for formal events. Day times require the more comfortable and casual flat shoes or sandals. The flatform sits precisely between the two on the scale of daytime – nighttime appropriateness, and is an edgy and hot addition to any outfit – whether it’s a short dress or a pair of shorts and a tee. They’re even super cute with socks!

Check out our fashion inspiration for this amazing obsession, and see what SurfStitch has to offer!

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1. Soles Womens Chill Island Heel – Silver. 2. Soles Womens One Night Stand Heel – Black Studs. 3. Soles Womens Pyramid Rock Heel – Black. 4. Soles Womens Estimate Wedge – Neon Fuscia Cuban. 5. Soles Womens Estimate Wedge – Yellow Black. 6. Soles Womens Fraction Wedge – Primary Red.