Endless Beach Days.

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posted by Kate McCart

I know we harp on about how much we love the beach and summer, but c’mon, we do live on the Gold Coast so it’s practically in our blood. And I don’t think anyone can disagree that one of the best things in this world are those days on which we spend endless hours at the beach, continuously swimming and sunbaking. This summer it’s time to enhance those beach days and yes, the beach can actually get that little bit better! Grab a heap of your friends, head down there mid-morning and don’t leave until the sun goes down, get that sunny tan (with plenty of SPF!) and generally have a whole lot of summer lovin’ fun!

Check out these SurfStitch products below that are on our ‘must have’ list to take to the beach this summer.

Underwater Camera

Billabong Underwater Camera – Tangelo

Get snappy underwater with Billabongs underwater camera. The holiday snaps don’t have to stop at the waters edge as this camera can be taken into the water to capture you surfing, swimming or floating.

Sunnylife Beach Paddles

Sunnylife Beach Paddles – Bribie

Sunnylife Beach Paddles – Pacific

For those that can’t sit still and laze around, these beach paddles will keep you entertained for hours. Draw your own field into the sand and a fun day at the beach has just turned serious!

Havaianas Lilo

Havaianas Fluro Palms Lilo – Green

We know havaianas are a wardrobe staple for summer- or for the SurfStitch office all year round!- so why not get one to float on too. This fun and quirky lilo is guaranteed you become the most envied one at the beach!

Cooler Bag

Volcom Block Box Beach Cooler – Black

Don’t forget your cooler bag next time you’re out for the day. Stock it up with sandwiches, snacks and beer for a delicious lunch that doesn’t need to leave the sand.

Beach Pillow

There’s nothing worse than trying to read your fav beach book and getting a sore neck. Grab this Billabong beach pillow for instant comfort, but don’t get too cozy falling asleep and drooling on yourself is never a good look.

Billabong Locals Only Beach Pillow – Sea Foam

Beach Umbrella

When it’s a scorching hot 30+ day the one true essential item is the humble beach umbrella. Choose this Calypso one for a bright and fun addition to your belongings and stand out amongst those crowded holiday beaches.

Basil Bangs Calypso Beach Umbrella

Basil Bangs Princess and the Pea Beach Umbrella

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