Oh, we've got Vinyl!

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posted by Stab

Here at Surfstitch, we appreciate.  We appreciate all that .mp3’s have done for us.  Those little digital audio’s providing us with immediacy.  The inherent compression aiding in storage.  The freedom!  The glamour, and fun!  That said, we also enjoy tracing our roots.  Visiting times past, where physicality is the only.  There are now Kindles and eReaders, does that replace books?  No!  Ain’t nothing better than putting your feet up and turning pages (with a little reading in between).

This is a roundabout way of saying, we now stock records!  You know those big disks that spin?  So, if you will, perhaps escape the digital, and get your hands on something alive.  From Adele (James Bond’s Skyfall?  Y’seen it?  Its good!), to Cat Power, Bon Iver, to Fleet Foxes.  Grimes, Gotye, Radiohead, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Even The XX and The White Stripes, and Vampire Weekend!  The list goes on.  So, there is something for everyone!  So float in through this link, and see if they inspires you.  Don’t be scared, it’s soft, and real!

Oh, and did we mention that records make a kinda, really perfect present for your father?  (Or mother, or grandfather, or grandmother.  Anyone really!).  Dive in, and get your hands on some!