TRENDING: Mens Printed Shorts

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posted by Kate McCart

We’ve covered the stripes and the graphic tee and now it’s time for the men’s printed shorts to be a highlight. Go south this summer and make the printed short a staple that takes place on high rotation. The women’s printed trend has been coveted everywhere from the runways to the streets and the men are hot on their heels being quick to follow suit. Men’s shorts aren’t normally the focal point of an outfit with the simple chino, denim or cargo short being the short of choice for the last few seasons. However, it’s time to push them aside as a more fun and loud short is about to take over.

There are a couple of simple, easy steps to follow while dressing your printed shorts. Firstly, keep the rest of your outfit neutral as you don’t want to draw the attention away from your short. Secondly, go for a softer, more subtle print in faded colours if you don’t want to make too much of a statement. And that’s it, just two easy steps and you’re on your way to instant coolness! The best thing about the printed short is that it gives you a chance to express your personality whether you go for a kaleidoscope, retro, stripe or colour block print there is a pattern for any taste and every occasion.

Shop our SurfStitch faves below and get creative with your print!

 1. Found Printed Beach Short – Confetti. 2. Analog Radio Beach Short – Red. 3. Deus Bates Beach Short – Bauhaus

1. Deus Bates Teppich Beach Short. 2. Hurley Tropics Beach Short – Riviera. 3. Rhythm Multi Jam Beach Short – Bright.