Hat Time!

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posted by Kate McCart

We’ve already highlighted our love affair with sporty caps this season but the trusty summer hat is not to be forgotten as it’s the definition of sun safely and a great style essential! Wide brim and straw hats have always captured the essence of summer whether you’re attending the beach, a festival or a casual Sunday BBQ, they compliment the simplest of outfits. Hailing from the 70s the wide brim floppy hat is the epitome of Hollywood glamour and will easily transform your outfit from the beach to a work luncheon in style or pair a more structured trilby or fedora for a casual and chic look.

The summer hat not only provides sun protection and style it is the perfect accessory to hide a nasty hangover or for those days when you get out of bed struck with a serious case of a bad hair day. Throw on a hat with a light sun dress and sandals or shorts, singlet and converse for a laid back look that is not only cute but stylish. From the fedora to the hippie felt hat or wide brim straw there is something for every taste and every personality. So get into the true spirit of summer with the most classic summer accessory around.

Whether you love the big and floppy hat or the structured, SurfStitch have your summer hats sorted.

1. Tigerlily Medersa Hat – Straw. 2. Fallenbrokenstreet The Cove Hat – Red. 3. Fallenbrokenstreet Dive N The Little Indian Hat – Black.

1. Fallenbrokenstreet New Little Hippie Hat – Black. 2. Rusty Ellie Hat. 3. Brixton Avalon Hat – Wine.

And don’t worry gents we haven’t forgotten about you this hat season either. It’s time for the dudes to get a bit more creative and step away from the traditional cap with fedoras, messenger hats and trilby’s. It’s time to look swish, suave and sophisticated so take a cue from below and shop your favourite styles at SurfStitch.

1. Brixton Messer Hat – Black. 2. Brixton Stout Hat – Black Felt. 3. Fallenbrokenstreet The Dingo Hat – Chocolate.