Albee Layer and Matt Meola's The Isle

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posted by Stab

You might’ve been waiting for this. It’s Albee Layer’s double oop!  A coupla months back Stab Magazine ran an article about it, but the footage was sealed up in a code-protected safe, until very recently. It’s been released in the latest episode of Albee and Matt Meola’s series, The Isle. While the spin happens at around 8:30, might we suggest watching the whole clip and allowing the suspense to build? The rest of the clip is actually excellent.

When Stab asked Albee what the rotation is exactly, he said: “That’s the thing with surfing, every rotation is different. On a half pipe you come up straight and come down whatever way. I think it’s more of a 540 than a 720. You do a 720, but the 540 is actually done in the air. I have a feeling people are gonna argue that for a while.”

And argue you shall!

You can read the full interview here on Stab!  It ain’t bad.