Kolohe Andino's Mayhem Sub-driver 2

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posted by Stab

Mayhem just added a little twist of lemon to his already-popular Sub-Scorcher. It started when Mr Matt Biolos put a squash tail on the board for a few pals. Which means, in tech-speak: “We removed all off the Sub-Scorchers trademark ¼”vee from the last 6” of the tail (we increasing the rocker about 1/8” and lowering the rail-line 1/8”). This loosens up the board, to better allow a more vertical and in the pocket attack. At the same time to counter any possible loss of drive we straightened the outline with a touch wider nose.”

Julian Wilson and, as you’ll see in this video, Kolohe Andino, are really digging the board. This footage of Brother was shot by Noah Alani at tiny T-Street and mini-draining Salt Creek, then chipped by Joe Alani.

And for those in Oz who wanna get their mitts on a handshaped Mayhem from Matt, the man himself is gonna be in Australia for the first 10 days of March. “Bouncing between the Quik Pro, Snapper Rocks, and Chilli’s factory in Sydney,” as he put it. “Anyone interested in a special order can contact local dealers across Australia, or direct to Chillisurfboards.com.”

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