Creed Mctaggart, and Epokhe

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posted by Stab

As you’ve no doubt heard, Creed McTaggart recently joined the Epokhe team. Other than part-owners Mitch Coleborn and Dion Agius, the eyewear label was without any other surfing ambassadors until Creed came to the party. The third pillar of Epokhe, Kai Neville, just cut a welcoming clip starring Creed. It’s a brief look into his world, shot by Kai himself, as well as Chris Bryan and Talon Clemow, sliced to Soft Healer’s Movie Light.

Here’s some words from Dion about the new family member: “Since we began working on EPOKHE two years ago, we knew that eventually we would want to expand the family and slowly add people to the team who we really admired. Especially if they happened to be out there doing something a little different. And for us, Creed really embodied that new, freesurfing youth movement. I first got to meet creed about six months ago on a Globe team trip, and straight away knew he was a really special dude. In the water he is by far one of the best 18 year olds in the world today, he has amazing flare and throws down some wild punts but can also owns the most stylish hacks you’ve seen. We just did a trip down the coast for an upcoming EPOKHE short film and he blew everyone away. One of the most important things that really blew us away is how humble and down to earth he is. It’s been amazing to see this tiny little project we started begin to grow and we couldn’t think of a better guy to become our first team member.”

Check out Epokhe’s online portal over here.  Oh, and you wanna buy their stuff?  Click here.