Tyler Wright wins!

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posted by Stab

Tyler Wright just beat Sally Fitzgibbons to win the Roxy Pro, Gold Coast. After beating Steph Gilmore in the semis, Tyler jammed out a nine-point ride in the closing minute of the final and swooped the victory from under Sal’s grip (who’d been in the lead the whole final). Sal took her time getting to the podium, understandably, leaving Pottz to awkwardly fill the gap, before braving a short speech and then handing the mic to Tyler, who excitedly hit out a stream-of-consciousness.

Tyler Wright!  The winner of this years Roxy Pro, Gold Coast!  Photo by ASP / Kirstin Scholtz.

Her turns throughout the event, especially what Josh Kerr calls the “Tyler Wright turn” (both arms buried behind back, completely on rail), were about as powerful as you’ll likely see in women’s surfing. A deserving winner! Ain’t it killer!