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A little while back, not too long, but long enough to call a little while back, the group of men behind Epokhe Sunglasses, being Kai Neville, Dion Agius and Mitch Coleborn, went on the road. Also along for the ride was new ambassador signing, Creed McTaggart. They drove the Pacific Highway, were hypnotised by the view outside the windows, and landed on the South Coast. Seven days on the road led to much documentation and surfing. “The world is a f***** up place with pockets of beauty and this is ‘Beauty Pockets’.”

“The team needed some youth,” says Kai of Creed. “Someone to just run around, surf and hopefully be stoked on what we were doing with the brand. Creed fit like a glove. He lit the old boys up on this onshore right slab.”

Reckon Creed was thrilled to jump on board? “It was a dream come true doing a trip with the boys,” says the West-Australian. “We didn’t get the most amazing waves but we made the most of it. It was a tight crew and there wasn’t a second without entertainment. A trip I’ll never forget.”

Dion, drawing on much comparative experience, believes they nailed the stint. “Team trips can be super weird sometimes,” he says. “When you grab a bunch of different dudes from all over the world and slam them together on a boat or on a road trip, it can be a pretty funny dynamic. So, to have a team of guys who are all great friends and all feel like family is fucking awesome and makes it so much more fun.”

Mitch’s sentiments were a little more brief: “By the time we got to Bondi, Dion’s beard begun to smell, bit it still inspired me to grow mine.”

Waste no more time reading words – dive into the player above and drink in the mood. Epokhe site, here.