Kickstarting Ricardo Christie

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posted by Stab

Heard of Kickstarter? Well, Sportfunder is kinda similar.  It is a digital fundraiser for athletes who are looking for a little outside help to cover the (sometimes gawddamn extensive) costs of getting to an elite level. Ricardo Christie, who you may well have heard of, is one of New Zealand’s best surfer. He is fast, powerful, does large airs, large turns, and has a good style. He also packs the bigger stuff. He ticks all the boxes. He’s also seeking a leg up to get onto the world tour, after parting ways with major sponsor Rip Curl.

“Ricardo has showed the potential he has for the future,” says Mick Fanning. “I find when guys have a strong year early in their career, they bounce back the next year even better. On top of that, Ricardo is an integral part of NZ surfing and a great bloke to have around. I recommend anyone to have Ricardo on their team. Cheers.”

It ain’t just take, take, take, howevs. Depending on the amount y’pledge, you receive a product in return, donated by one of his supporters or sponsors.

Money donated to Ricardo’s campaign will send him to:

Mexico – June 17-23 (6 star), July 2-7 (4 star)
El Salvador – July 9-14 (6 star)
Azores – September 3-8 (PRIME)
Portugal – October 21-27 (PRIME)
Brazil – October 29-November 3 (PRIME)
Hawaii – November 12-24 (PRIME), November 25-December 6 (PRIME)

Read the full piece here, and watch the video above to consider seeing this man in a jersey lighting up webcasts.