Shane Dorian Wins!

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posted by Stab

Shane Dorian rode the wave of his life last year at Jaws, and as a result, last night he won the $50k ride of the year at Billabong’s XXL big wave awards. At The Grove Theater in Anaheim, he also picked up another $5k for the Pacifico Tube award for the tube on the same wave. This return to old-fashioned values and tackling big waves without ski assistance is just about the coolest thing happening in surfing right now. All of the awards (besides the wipeout) were given to paddle-power waves. Shawn Dollar was the Paddle and Biggest Wave champ for his 61-footer (yup, the extra foot was measured) for his ride at Cortes Bank, Keala Kennelly and Greg Long won Best Performances and Wipeout of The Year went to Chris Shanahan from The Right in Western Australia.

Check it all out at Billabong XXL.