2013 Billabong Pro Rio, Part One

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Jordy Smith.  Wow.  Photo by Ryan Miller.

Barra Da Tijuca straightened itself out. Three-to-five feet was the size, depending on your reckoning, and fun-as-hell looking, no matter what your reckoning. Scores were dished to barrels, since it was barreling, and it was men like Gabriel Medina, Jordy Smith, Kelly Slater and Sebastian Zietz who found the best of ‘em.


 Adriano De Souza knows how.  Photo by ASP / Smorigo.

“After Bells Beach, I came home and worked with lots of doctors and rested for this event,” said Gabriel, who posted the day’s highest heat total (18 points combined). “It’s home in Brazil for me and I want to do well in front of my family and friends. I’m feeling pretty good – getting stronger every day. Stoked to get a win in Round one and hope I can keep going throughout the event.”


 Nat Young, what can we say?  Photo by ASP / Smorigo.

Kelly, who’s made his intentions well clear this year, looked real sharp. Post-heat, he commented on his absence last year: ”Based on the years prior, I thought last year was going to be turns and manoeuvres and there were a lot of barrels,” he said. “I had stitches in my heel last season and could probably have attended if it was just barrels, but I couldn’t really do turns with the stitches in my heel. Lesson learned and I’m here this year.”


Joel Parkinson, surfing like a World Champ.  Photo by ASP / Kirstin.

And, of more recent events, the current world number one had this to say: “I saw a bunch of good waves down the beach and just kept that to myself. You can take off on that foam ball out the back on the reef and get one or two turns and you’ve already got as good a score as you can get on some of the ones on the right side of the scaffolding. Most of the waves this morning have been closeouts, but I figured at some point today it’s going to get good. There were some unbelievable barrels down the beach.”


Gabriel Medina, right at home.  Photo by ASP / Kirstin.

Nobody analyses quite like Kelly, huh. But, then you’ve got the other side of the coin, being Jordy Smith, who descends in a ball of fury, guns blazing. Despite the presence of his usual manhandle game, it’s still a very composed Jordy in 2013. “I just started the year off at home,” said the South-African. “I wanted to let last year go. I have incredible people around me at the moment from my friends to my girlfriend. I also did a trip and I felt like I’d been behind the speed bump and couldn’t get past my injury. I was still feeling one step behind and then I went on a trip to Mozambique with my best friend and it changed everything for me. It got me over that hump and put a smile on my face again. It got me stoked again and I’m pumped.”


Kolohe Andino, also knows how.  Photo by ASP / Kirstin.

Hopefully, maybe, round two will lift off tomorrow. Highlights, news, photos, etc, here.

And whilst watching the day’s highlights, might Stab suggest muting the video and playing either Flying Down To Rio by Bumblebeez, or Sergio Mendes and Brasil 66′s Mas Que Nada.

Written by Stab Magazine.