Starting the Week in a Positive Way

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Mondays are hard, and they’re even harder in the winter – I think we can all agree on that one! This got me thinking about what improves my Mondays, and I realised…it’s all about trying to feel inspired!

So I thought I’d show you some of the things that inspire me to get out of my Monday morning gloom. Take a look – I hope they can inspire you too. There’s some SurfStitch product that I’m loving at the moment too!


Some beautiful flowers to brighten a room.


Beautiful people who changed an entire era.

Sea, air, sun

Pretty words describing prettier places.


A big city and all of its’ lights.


Thinking of my favourite place: Dubrovnik.


A tropical sunset.

Here are some things I bought today (that are definitely improving my Monday!)


1. Stylestalker Replicants Pant – Chambray Floral. Dressed up with cuban heeled boots and a tucked in button down shirt, or dressed down with a singlet & strappy sandals! 2. Tigerlily Amisha Onesie – Dark Indigo. Dressed up with heels, purse and jewelled necklace, or down with sandals (perfect for my European travels coming up!). 3. Rhythm The Packet Hat – Black. Super on-trend right now, the fedora is a winter style staple!

And these ones are still on the wishlist.


1. Tigerlily Kutch Dress – Basmati. Again, thinking of Europe! A comfortable dress to throw over a bikini and to wear to a seaside lunch! 2. Living Doll Toasted Marshmello Knit. Chunky knits are back again this winter and this one is super cute with those little plucked fibres and dotted colouring. 3. Tigerlily Parvani Pant – Moon. Track pants are often daggy, but not when they’re Tigerlily and Fluoro!