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Karla from SurfStitch interviews the wildly talented and extremely creative Owner and Designer of the brand The 2 Bandits, a new addition to SurfStitch‘s jewellery collection. Keep reading to hear about what inspires her brand, why she had a model learning to shotgun a beer during a shoot and what her favourite item is on SurfStitch right now (hint: gold pants)!


Karla from SurfStitch: Thanks so much for taking the time to work with SurfStitch! We’ve recently started investing more energy in improving our jewellery offering on site so that we have the right accessories for every girl and every outfit – The 2 Bandits is such an eclectic and unique brand so it’s fitting in amazingly. I guess I’d just like to start off with a simple one – what kind of girl do you see 2B catering for?

Tamar Wider from The 2 Bandits: It’s more of a feeling than a look. Our tagline is ‘Born 2B’: we think being yourself is the raddest thing one can do. Our pieces are original designs that girls wear when they are comfortable with themselves. My favorite is when fans post pics on social media and tag us #the2bandits. It’s cool seeing everyone rock the pieces in different ways and looks.

K: If you could describe 2B in five words, what would they be?

T: Rustic, yet refined. Messy; neat.


K: Your travel to Ramat Gan and your study of gemology obviously gives you a very unique edge. Tell us about how this shapes the way you approach jewellery design?

T: I learned a lot about stones, which led me to the diamond wholesale business, where I learned a lot about the business of jewelry. I learned that so much goes into production that effects the final look and it’s price. Ultimately, I went into costume because of the ability to “do more” with the designs and take more chances.

K: There’s a strong southwestern influence in your designs, but you also did some study in New York City. Are you a city chick or a country girl, and what does each atmosphere bring to your designs?

T: I love both and feel comfortable and inspired in both settings. I think that is why my designs are versatile to different looks or moods. Just walking around San Francisco and checking out the architecture inspires me. I’m currently obsessed with garage doors. I escape into the Northern California redwoods as much as possible. It’s my creative space because I’m carefree and expressive, and my designs really come out.


K: What are your favourite materials used for your jewellery and why?

T: I love all kinds of stones of different colors, because they can really change the mood of a piece. My recent favorites have been turquoise, black onyx, and moonstone rainbow. I love this new white opal which I’m sure the Aussies will dig.

K: Your work with charity is very admirable – tell us about your project for the MISS Foundation and how everyone can get involved and help out?

T: My close friends unexpectedly lost their son Leo last year, just 2 weeks before his due date. MISS provides support for grieving families. For every Leo’s Arrow or Leo’s Sticks wrap bracelet that The 2 Bandits sell, we donate 20% of the profit to MISS. You can donate to MISS directly as well! While writing this, they are a week away from their due date and I’m so excited to meet the little one! Having a child is such a miracle.


K: Tell us about the inspiration behind your latest ‘Shine On.’ Holiday lookbook and the pieces featured?

T:Shine On‘ is inspired by Pink Floyd. The collection involved lots of diamond shaped onyx. I like designing around a theme, to keep it interesting. The photoshoot was the most fun. Our model, Anja Konstantinova nailed it, and our photographer, Jason Lee Parry, really captured the essence of the collection and the brand… He was blasting Pink Floyd through out the shoot to get us all in the mood. At the end of the shoot, Jason taught Anja how to shotgun a beer, it was adorable.


K: We’re seeing lots of angles, bohemian chic and rounded gems in your current ranges. Can you give us a hint of what’s in the works next?

T: We’re about to shoot the collection in August! It’s going to more wavy and psychedelic and colorful. Get excited and prepare to be tripped out on mother nature..that’s all I’m saying.

K: OK, a little less business and little more fun. Where do you go and what do you do to switch off and find inspiration?

T: I love going up to the Russian River valley, which is north of San Francisco. I’m a total river rat and love to pack the cooler and go with my friends and my dog, Rigby. We load up at the vineyards, play in the redwoods, and then cool off in the river. I’m more at ease and inspired by the river than the ocean, for some reason.


K: If you could top off the clothing of ANY runway show on the planet with 2B jewellery, which designer would it be for and why?

T: That is a tough question! If I had to pick it would be Ralph Lauren. 1. I think we would totally get along 2. I admire his career. I admire anyone that’s been in this business as long as he has while staying true to his inspiration roots.

K: Which are your favourite 2B pieces currently on SurfStitch

T: I like layered and stacking the Peakin Cuff with the Two Step Diamond Cuff. Same with the Peakin Ring… I’ll wear 2 of them in the same direction or different directions. Ask me the same question tomorrow and I’ll probably have a different answer!

Tamar's picks

1. The 2 Bandits Two Step Diamond Cuff – Antique Silver. 2. The 2 Bandits Peakin Cuff – Antique Silver. 3. The 2 Bandits Two Step Diamond Cuff – Gold. 4. The 2 Bandits Peakin Cuff – Gold.

K: And last question: your favourite item on SurfStitch right now (it’s not allowed to be from 2B ;)?

T: I’m pretty sure I just added 20 items to my cart to answer this! You guys have such a great online shop! If I HAD to pick, I’d go with these amazingly simple gold pants from Stylestalker. There are so many ways to dress these up and down. I look for that in everything I buy!


Stylestalker Go For The Gold Pant

We had such a ball talking with Tamar from The 2 Bandits. Stay tuned to the SurfStitch Blog to hear from other jewellery designers, and comment below if you have any questions for Tamar!