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Every guy needs a collection of collared, button-up shirts for the slightly more formal occasion, however we’re seeing more and more short sleeved and even long sleeved shirts with rolled sleeves during the day and in more casual settings. Some of you wear them more often than not – but whether it’s a trend you’ve tried out or not, wild prints and crazy patterns are definitely the way to go with your shirt this summer.

Ease into it with a pair of chino walkshorts and Vans for the Spring afternoons, and shop some of our favourite styles from SurfStitch right now, with some shots we’ve found of printed shirts to give you some styling tips!


Short Sleeved

Short Sleeves

1. Zanerobe Brunswick SS Shirt – White. 2. Zanerobe Whitewash SS Shirt – Navy. 3. Volcom Ol Hipster SS Shirt – White.


Long Sleeved

Long Sleeved

1. The Critical Slide Society Hide N Seek LS Shirt – Camo. 2. Stussy Ever Paisley Rayon LS Shirt – Grey. 3. Stussy Bandana Twill LS Shirt – Red.


Image from closetfreaksblog

Partial Print

Partially Printed

1. Billabong Congo SS Shirt – Camo. 2. Stussy Bobby Denim LS Shirt – Black. 3. Afends Space Architect LS Shirt – Maroon.


Flannelette Print 


1. Altamont Waster LS Shirt – Navy. 2. RVCA Hot Shaka Shaka LS Shirt – Desert Blue. 3. Rip Curl Cylinders Hooded Flanno – Glazed Ginger.


Image from closetfreaksblog

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