INTERVIEW: Courtney Minogue from Minc Collections

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Karla: At SurfStitch, we like to make sure we’ve got the right outfits and accessories for every girl. Costume jewellery is a huge part of that, so we’ve been working on expanding this with brands just like yours. I guess I’d just like to start off with a simple one – what kind of girl do you see Minc Collections catering for?

Courtney: Minc Collections caters for all types of girls! I like creating such a wide variety of designs from chunky statement pieces to styles that are a little more effortless and less daring so there’s a piece to suit everyone!

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K: If you could describe Minc Collections in five words, what would they be?

C: Unique, fun, statement, feminine, handmade!

K: Tell us what inspired you to start the company?

C: I have always been really creative and loved making things from a young age. I started making jewellery for myself first of all then family & friends and as my designs started to get noticed more and more Minc Collections was born.

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K: We’re seeing lots of coloured crystals/stones and heavy chain detail in your current ranges. Can you give us a hint of what’s in the works next?

C: A lot more colour for Spring/Summer, along with different styles of chains, different beading techniques and the rest you will just have to wait and see!

K: OK, a little less business and little more fun. Where do you go and what do you do to switch off and find inspiration?

C: I love a good roadtrip, beach walk or night out with friends. I also find scrolling through online blogs and fashion instagram pages really inspiring.

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K: If you could top off the clothing of ANY runway show on the planet with Minc Collections jewellery, which designer would it be for and why?

C: Sass & Bide! (Even though they have their own jewellery line)  I love everything about their style and eye for colour. They never put a foot wrong!

K: We’re coming into festival season – can you give us your best styling tips for festival fashion?

C:  Definitely accessorize but don’t go too overboard, its usually such a long day so you want to be as comfortable as possible. I would say the Minc Collections wire wrapped crystal pendant necklaces are perfect as they are quite simple but can make the outfit!


K: What is your personal favourite Minc Collections piece? You’re only allowed to choose one!

C:  That’s a hard question 😉 but I would have to say the Huntress Necklace in black/grey, I wear it all the time as it goes with everything.

K: And last question: your favourite item on SurfStitch right now (it’s not allowed to be from Minc ;)?

C: The Nixon Magnacon SS watch! I love oversized watches and am slightly obsessed with the colour gunmetal at the moment.