Rusty: Before Crowds

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In the 1980s the surfing world turned up the volume. The colours were brighter, the shorts shorter, and the moustaches more thick and lustrous. It was a time when heavy metal flourished and the lineups were less crowded. You didn’t have to paddle over each other to catch a wave… unless you wanted to. Rusty’s new BC Collection pays homage to that era ‘Before Crowds’.

Focussing on the iconic ‘R-Dot’ logo, this re-release of product is a showcase of some original pieces from the Rusty range, which have stood the test of time. Spread across base colours of black, white and grey marle, the BC Collection features three pop prints, all with a standard 80s front and back placement.

Creative Director of Rusty, Simon Lafranchi, said of the BC project: “When trying to decide which prints to use, we actually raided Rusty Preisendorfer’s personal wardrobe. When he started the brand back in 1985 as a surfboard line, he spent three months just creating the R-Dot logo we all know and love. With that kind of dedication, we knew he would have only kept the best pieces of clothing for himself. These are the cream of the crop.

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Rusty BC TV R Tee – White


Rusty BC TV R Tee – Black


Rusty BC Paint Resin Tee – White


Rusty BC Triangle R Tee – White