Ladies and Gents: the Revival of Birks and Docs

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We all know that every so often, fashion does a big 360 and repeats itself to some degree. In saying this, it’s generally a style that turns back up on the runways, (high waisted cuts or chino jeans for example) with brands making a huge resurgence being a rarity. Two such brands that have achieved the status of ‘revival’ are Birkenstock and Dr. Martens.

After the early 90s when our mums were rocking their Birkies, we thought they were dead, gone and reserved for people in search of comfort and good ol’ German durability, period. Of course, it seems we were wrong; when Birkenstocks started popping up on reputable fashion blogs and even on the likes of the Olsen twins last year, we realised that they were back with a vengeance.

Doc Martens went through a similar period, not being dead, but becoming reserved for those of the punk persuasion, with their thick leathers and heavy rubber soles. Little did we know, they’d burst back into the mainstream, accompanying Autumn and Winter fashion as a rougher addition to mens and womens footwear collections.

Enjoy some info and shop the revived.

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Dr. Martens Mens Classic Hadley 8 Tie Boot – Black | Dr. Martens Mens Oscar Sawyer Desert Boot – Black Greasy | Dr. Martens Mens 1460 8 Eye Nappa Boot – Black


Dr. Martens Mens 1461 3 Eye Shoe – Black | Dr. Martens Mens Sawyer Desert Boot – Black | Dr. Martens Mens Oscar Sawyer Desert Boot – Dark

1 2 6 birkenstocks-2_grande Birkenstocks_1

Birkenstock Womens Arizona Sandal – White | Birkenstock Womens Gizeh Sandal – White | Birkenstock Womens Madrid Sandal – White


Birkenstock Womens Arizona Sandal – Black | Birkenstock Womens Gizeh Sandal – Black | Birkenstock Womens Madrid Sandal – Black


Birkenstock Womens Arizona Sandal – Stone | Birkenstock Womens Gizeh Sandal – Silver | Birkenstock Womens Gizeh Sandal – Mocca