ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Jungle Giants - Learn To Exist

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posted by James Willmott


Brisbane indie pop band The Jungle Giants first released their self titled E.P. in 2011 and have since blown up, building a strong fan base in Australia and all over the world. Their simple, yet riveting guitar riffs mixed through soulful lyrics and head bobbing drum beats allow for such easy listening for any occasion, and their 2013 album ‘Learn To Exist’ has something for everyone to smile to.


The 4 piece band  continues to see success after the album release last August,  touring Australia a few months ago to sold out audiences. This is a massive change from playing only 8 shows prior to releasing their first album, as now they have played Big Day Out here in Australia and even the South By Southwest festval in the United States. “Learn To Exist’ was recorded in the bushland west of Brisbane and was accompanied by producer Magoo, who is most famous for his work with Midnight Oil and Regurgitator. The influences of different types of music are phenomenal, some with a country feel, some more alternate, heck there is even a bit of R’n’B thrown in. One things clear, between the two parties, it’s no wonder this album is so engaging and diverse.

The cheerful sounds on this album are what the band have always been known for. Track 7 on the album, ‘Skin To Bone’ defies this perfectly. Lead singer Sam Hales’ catchy lyrics and high pitch melodies really give out that Australian summer party feel, a trait that puts a smile on everyone’s dial.

Slower, deeper feel tracks are as well present on the album, though have not received as much attention. These include ‘A Pair of Lovers’ and ‘Devils In The detail,’ and though written with great lyrical standards, steer away from the happy vibes the album is so well known for.

While taking influences from their favourite artists, its evident The Jungle Giants are creating their own path and musical sounds, something that so far indeed has not disappointed. Get your ears into ‘ ‘I am What You Want Me To Be’ from The Jungle Giants album ‘Learn To Exist’ below and get those positive vibes flowing for the remainder of the week and into the weekend!