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posted by Kate McCart

It may be that you’re fighting the early winter sun or the glare of the morning surf check, or it may just be that there is no reason at all. Everyone needs a pair of sunglasses that not only are functional but that are down right awesome! They provide the finishing touch to any sunny day outfit with the range of styles today.

Whether it’s the matte black finish, the tortoise look or the old school plain black look, you’re covered. Even if you had all three it wouldn’t be a crime, would it?

Brands are creating such a diverse range of styles that have you ready for any occasion. Valley eyewear are pushing the boundaries with their oversized, rounded edges and wolves styles of glasses. Epokhe are taking it back to the old school, with their conservative round lens style and it’s working!

Don’t be influenced by just these two, check out the mass amount of styles and colours dropping in at SurfStitch.

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 Super Lucia Sunglasses – Black | Epokhe Nazar Sunglasses – Tortoise Matte | Valley ADCC Sunglasses – Matte Black 


Electric Knoxville XL Sunglasses – Black Eyed Tort Bronze Bi Gradient | Sunday Somewhere MVP Sunglasses – Dark ChocTort Dark Choc Leather | Valley Sabbath Sunglasses – Matte Black 


Image sources: Tumblr and others unknown