International Surfing Day - Friday, 20th June!

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posted by James Willmott

Celebrate with the Surfrider Foundation this Friday 20th June as we all unite for International Surfing Day! Get together with your friends and family for a great cause, honouring the environment and of course, surfing and everything ocean related. This year is the 10th consecutive year the annual day has run in Australia, with higher growing participant levels every year. International Surfing Day now sees over 200 events run in over 30 countries!

Let’s be honest, what better cause is there to be a part of?! As surfers and beach goers, the ocean plays a massive part in all of our lives. So get those boards waxed and prepare to celebrate the greatest sport ever while helping keep our favourite place clean!

surfriderlogoPhoto: Surfrider Foundation/Willem Ungermann

A little history on the Surfrider Foundation and what they stand for:

The foundation was orginally founded in Malibu, California over 25 years ago by three surfers. The group united after becoming aware their favourite wave (First Point), was going to be destroyed. They worked together and gained further support from members of the community, in the end achieving their goal of preserving their beloved surf spot. Ever since, Surfrider has continued to grow, branching out in different chapters all over the world. The Surfrider Foundation family firmly stand together to ensure the preservation of beaches and coastal environments everywhere.

Surfrider Foundation Australia is a ‘not for profit sea-roots organisation dedicated to the protection of Australia’s waves and beaches through Conservation, Activism, Research and Education (CARE).’ The Australian chapter help protect our Australian beaches and ocean life, and have so for a decade with help from staff, volunteers and donations. Aswell as ‘International Surfing Day,’ The Surfrider Foundation Australia staff and volunteers also run other campaigns throughout the year in order to continue the day by day preservation of our coastal environments. The main campaigns include the ‘Endangered Waves’ and ‘Rise Above Plastics.’ ‘The Endangered Waves‘ campaign focuses on the preservation of our beautiful surf breaks from infrastructure developments. Surfrider state “Many of Australia’s best waves are endangered. Yet unlike endangered wildlife there are no surfbreak protection laws in Australia. Nor are the impacts on surfbreaks considered in planning and infrastructure developments”

The ‘Rise Above Plastics‘ campaign focuses on minimising the amount of plastic that goes into our oceans and onto our beaches. From beach clean ups, to recycling and handfuls of great tips to minimise plastic pollution, Surfrider want to stay true to their ‘Rise Above Plastics‘ mission “To reduce the impacts of plastics in the marine environment by raising awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution and by advocating for a reduction of single-use plastics and the recycling of all plastics.’

willem30 International Surfing Day helps keep the line up clean – Photo: Willem Ungermann

This Friday the 20th June sees communities all over the globe coming together to celebrate our beautiful beaches, waves and oceans for International Surfing Day. This includes paddle out’s, beach clean-ups and raising awareness for our ocean and coastal environments in order to keep them beautiful for the long, foreseeable future.

Grab your boards and a group of buddies and get down to your local beach and get behind the Surfrider Foundation and their mission to focus on ‘The protection and enjoyment of oceans, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network.’  

Help our oceans and coastal environments survive for another lifetime and get behind this great cause. Jump onto and register to host an event, check events near you, become a member, volunteer or to simply make donations.

SurfStitch wish you all happy surfing for International Surfing Day!