ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard?

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posted by James Willmott


Ready for this weeks Album of the Week? This week we go back to the awesome ska punk sounds of Reel Big Fish, and their popular album released in 1998 titled ‘Why Do They Rock So Hard?.’ The album is the groups third studio release and if you haven’t heard their amazing sounds before, Reel Big Fish have provided some of the best ska, with a little mix of rock, music to date. The band are originally from Huntington Beach, California and since bursting onto the music scene in 1992, they have seen nothing but success.

‘Why Do They Rock So Hard?’ received awesome reviews and results almost as soon as it hit audiences ears. Although the band has changed members several times, this is the first album released by the group that has stuck with the same members as the album released prior.

Reel Big FIsh provide nothing but fun, fast and engaging tunes through all their songs on the 16 track album, with the groups saxophone emphasis something you cant help but love. Each song tells a story we can all relate to, truly demonstrating the lyrical and instrumental talents of the band.


The album even helped get the group to Hollywood, with brief appearances in the 1998 film BASEketball, from the creators of TV animation series South Park. While providing music for upbeat events like live sport matches as seen in the film, ‘Why Do They Rock So Hard?’ still has some relaxed, slower rhythm tracks, perfect for a chilled out Sunday afternoon.

We here at SurfStitch have been loving the sounds from Reel Big Fish and ‘Why Do They Rock So Hard?,’ and although it is not flooded with profanities, a language warning is recommended. You’ll soon forget that once your ears get locked into some of the most playful, upbeat ska music going round. Reel Big Fish are without a doubt some of the most unique headliners in the Ska Rock music industry and once you hear their sounds, you’ll understand why.

Enjoy track 1 titled ‘Somebody Hates Me’ off this weeks Album of the Week, “Why Do They Rock So Hard?’ by Reel Big Fish!

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