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posted by James Willmott

As the release of Deus Ex Machina’s much anticipated film ‘I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night’ has been turning heads left, right and centre , SurfStitch decided to catch up with Harrison Roach, one of many stars in the new flick. If you’ve seen him surf before, you know exactly how exciting this is. Harry can ride anything from a 4’8″ fish to a 10 foot longboard and still show up most in any line up.


Harrison was kind enough to answer 50 short questions, telling us more about the film, himself and what’s to come next.

1.            Most played album on your ipod? In Evening Air, by Future Islands.

2.            Favourite country you have ever been to? Indonesia.

3.            Country at the top of your travel to do list? Morocco.

4.            Favourite band? Dropkick Murphys

5.            Favourite childhood movie? The Ninja Turtles

6.            Favourite thing about growing up on the Sunshine Coast? Longboarding.

7.            Blondes or Brunettes? Blondes.

8.            How do you have your coffee? Strong.

9.            Sky dive or Bungee Jump? Sky dive.

10.          Sunrise or Sunset? Sunrise.

11.          More scared of snakes or spiders? Snakes.

12.          Favourite fruit? Mango.

13.          Hawaii or Bali? Bali.

14.          Kickflip or Backflip? Backflip.

15.          Barrels or beers? Barrels and beers.

16.          One thing you couldn’t live without? My board

17.          Dance Floor or DJ Booth? Dance floor.

18.          If you weren’t a surfer what would you be? A director.

19.          Favourite Music Festival Moment? Splendour while watching Sigur Ros.

20.          The Pass or P Pass? P Pass.

21.          Say hi to me in a different language – Bonjour.

22.          Backhand or Fronthand airs? Forehand.

23.          1 minute to live, who do you call? Eadie Hancock.

24.          Favourite place to party? The Temple of Enthusiasm.

25.          Favourite Food? Japanese.

26.          Favourite road trip vehicle? Landcruiser.

27.          Best band you have ever seen live? Rage Against the Machine.

28.          Who is your Childhood idol? Steve McQueen.

29.          Cold or warm water waves? Warm.

30.          Worst thing about growing up on the Sunshine Coast? Swell.

31.          Sleep in or get up early? Early.

32.          Dane or John John? Ozzy.

33.          Favourite person to follow on Instagram? @fake_rapper_international

34.          Celebrity Crush? Isabel Lucas.

35.          Favourite book? Even Cowgirls Get the Blues.

36.          Skateboarding or Snowboarding? Skateboarding.

37.          Cocktail with a model or a beer with a mate? Cocktail with my girlfriend.

38.          If you didn’t live in Byron Bay where would you live? Canguu

39.          What are your favourite sports to follow? Curling and roller blading.

40.          If you got arrested, what would it most likely be for? Something stupid.

41.          Best wave you’ve ever got? At pipeline, didn’t make it.

42.          Favourite animal? Killer whale.

43.          Scariest travel moment you’ve ever had? Corrupt Mexican Federales finding something in my friend’s car, in the middle of the Baha desert. I was in the car. My friend cried.

44.          Best gift you’ve ever received? Travel

45.          iPhone or Android? iPhone.

46.          Dog person or cat person? Dog.

47.          Last text you sent? You just saved my ass.

48.          Beatles or Rolling Stones? Rolling Stones.

49.          Last thing you Googled? Isabel Lucas.

50.          How did you like this interview? It was moderate


Tell us about the film?

I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night is a project that I’m proud of. A motorcycle-surf-adventure film that tells the story of my first full season spent travelling with friends, throughout Indonesia. It’s a film for free thinkers and all-board-enthusiasts. The surfboards are the real stars of I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.

Tell us about Deus?

Deus Ex Machina is everything I love. It’s a family and it’s a lifestyle. It is not a surf brand, I couldn’t tell you what it is, but it’s fun as s#*t. Dare Jennings, the man behind Mambo, which I f#*king loved, created the brand with Carby Tuckwell, who has the best graphic design style I’ve ever seen. Working with them and Dustin Humphrey, who directed the film and runs Deus in Indonesia, has been the highlight of my career. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us.

What’s next?

“North to Noosa.”


SurfStitch would like to thank Harrison for the interview, keep ripping bud! Like Harrison’s style? Shop all the latest from Deus Ex Machina here!