SurfStitch present: Sliced (Pudding) - featuring Dion Agius, Craig Anderson and Creed McTaggart!

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posted by James Willmott

Get ready to light up your screens with Sliced (Pudding), a new clip featuring the one and only Dion Agius and friends Craig Anderson and Creed McTaggart, presented by SurfStitch! If you have you been stuck in the mind frame of ‘every surf movie looks the same lately,’  take a step back and remember the days when you used to froth over every piece of new footage in the surfing world. There’s no repeated side angles of Teahupo’o and no crowded Pipeline line-up in this one, but rather a mix of punchy reefs and beach breaks in which they all go mental in, cementing their surfing abilities in all of our minds. This new clip by the trio was filmed in just one week on the East Coast of Australia, and the finished product is simply absolutely amazing.

Dion is known for his unique styles in and out of the water, and that’s why we love him. He surfs incredible and is a down to earth, straight up good guy. If you are into huge airs, powerful hacks and epic barrels, put 9 minutes of your life aside and treat yourself to the wonder that is ‘Sliced (Pudding).’ The clip contains mind blowing surfing while also including, well as Dion puts it, “a bunch of other bullsh*t that happens in between.”


Follow Dion and the rest of the guys through the eyes of film maker Toby Cregan as you see first hand the lifestyles they lead, their perspectives and how the trio all surf so well. You’ll truly be blown away with their ability to destroy any wave and line-up they find!

SurfStitch are proud to be apart of such an amazing project, with this being the first of many to come, so stay tuned! With that said, get over that Mondayitis and put your feet up, its time to enjoy our new featured clip ‘Sliced (Pudding).’

SurfStitch Presents: SLICED (Pudding) Dion, Craig and Creed from surfstitch on Vimeo.