FEATURED SONG: Angus and Julia Stone - Heart Beats Slow

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posted by James Willmott


Siblings Angus and Julia Stone are an Australian folk and blues duo who have been taking the world by storm since forming in 2006. This week, the duo take our Featured Song, with their new track ‘Hearts Beat Slow.’ The track is our first taste of their upcoming self titled album release, and it has everyone extremely excited. Though they split and made solo albums for a short time, the awesome brother sister combination is back and ready to bless your ears once again.

‘Hearts Beat Slow’ is of faster rhythms than the usual slow, soft, mellow sounds the duo usually release. Compared to their previous sounds, this track is uplifting and uses a lot more instrumentation and cool melodies, allowing the pair to demonstrate their unique singing styles when making such distinctive music.


Angus and Julia Stone will be touring Australia for 8 epic shows, starting September 12th in Adelaide. To learn more about the Australian brother and sister duo, check out their website. ‘Hearts Beat Slow’ is available on iTunes and CD, as well as their new album scheduled to be released August 1st, 2014. Unable to wait? We know the feeling! Check out this weeks ‘Featured Song’ below!

Happy Tuesday!