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posted by Kate McCart

Boots are the perfect partner for all your winter jackets and jeans. The many different styles of boots can be a perfect excuse for any man to build his footwear wardrobe. If your after a chunky and heavier look then the high top, Timberlandsor Dr. Martens are more for you. On the other side of the boot scale, Vanishing elephant and Windsor Smith offer a a more shoe style of boot that is low cut and generally in a elegant suede or leather.

The colder season tends to bring out the heavier fashion, so it is no surprise that boots are trending. Your boots don’t have to be just for a dressy occasion, they can be for casual wear and work wear. Paired with chinos (turned up or down) and a jacket you have the perfect casual winter outfit.

SurfStitch have a range of boots that are fit for building any man’s footwear wardrobe.

tumblr_lztpwjx6pw1r9yt82o1_500tumblr_n1monqPHMX1qajhjjo1_500 Untitled-2

Windsor Smith Harvard Shoe – Taupe | Vanishing Elephant Classic Derby Shoe – Rust | Urge Battersea Boot – Tan Vintagetumblr_masfkhZz8w1rdh5ujo1_500 tumblr_mejhpn9ID71rbws8uo1_500 tumblr_meokdkMXEI1rldsgeo1_500 tumblr_mqbbe5kvvN1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_mvic5ugXvl1qajhjjo1_500 tumblr_mxzf7oHAQd1sfedbqo1_500 tumblr_mzmxlryPLt1r66csno1_500 tumblr_mzsdosgfCA1r66csno1_500 tumblr_mzx834sKss1rnuq7zo1_1280 tumblr_n1q0oz1yS91s968deo1_1280Untitled-1Dr. Martens Mens Ali 6 Eye Boot – Brown Rugged Servo Lux | Timberland Earthkeepers Newmarket 2 Leather Boot – Medal Bronze Brown | Vanishing Elephant Hiking Boot – Olive

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Vanishing Elephant Classic Derby Shoe – Black | Rusty Olson Desert Boot – Black | Urge Athos Shoe – Black

Image source: Tumblr