Featured Song: Art Vs Science - Create/Destroy

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posted by Kate McCart


This week our featured song goes to Sydney based group ‘Art Vs. Science’ and their 2014 hit track ‘Create/Destroy’. The 3 piece band were formed in 2008 and are known now worldwide for their electronic, dance and rock styles, with ‘Create/Destroy’ touching on all of these and becoming music to your ears, literally. The track is named after their newly released E.P. also called ‘Create/Destroy.’avs1

The energy evident in the ‘Create/Destroy’ track is similar to the early workings of the group. Combining an electric feel with a mix of guitars, attractive drum beats and vocal talent are all significant pieces that help make this song so special. The upbeat sounds, combined with lyrics that seem to talk to you, are further in depth aspects that make this song so unique and appealing.  The key lyrical content includes repeated lines of ‘Work together to destroy, make it something beautiful’ that indeed prove something hard to not enjoy and nod your head to. The entire E.P. unbelievably seems to follow suit with this same characteristic, leaving listeners wanting more and more from the group.

Regardless of having a 2 year hiatus, Art vs. Science are back and seem stronger and more musically driven than ever before. If you haven’t heard Art vs. Science before and this sounds like your musical cup of tea, be sure to check them out. The group will be playing the amazing festival ‘Splendour In The Grass’ starting later this month and if you are attending, be sure not to miss them.

In need of extra motivation? Check out ‘Create/Destroy’ by Art vs. Science below! For more information on the band, check out their Facebook page or their website. Stay tuned here on the SurfStitch Blog for the latest in music news and feature albums and artists!