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posted by James Willmott

This week we feature Sunglasses. Lets face it, sunglasses can easily make or break your outfit and style. Choose wisely and you’re a winner, unfortunately not so much the same if you aren’t aware of some basic unwritten laws. To help you with your sunglasses decisions, SurfStitch have provided some helpful tips to keep in mind when buying or wearing your favourite shades.

1. Get sunglasses that fit your face. Now we’ve all seen people disobey this rule by getting enthusiastic, huge sunglasses that point 10 feet either side of the persons face. Unless you are a featuring in tabloids or wanting to specifically turn heads, try street clear. Instead, try a pair of glasses that fit your face correctly, both the comfort and look will be something unbeatable.3-X-NOLOGO LOW RESraen1192. Colours. This includes both the lens and the frame. Usually, black on black is a safe bet if you are struggling with finding a winning combination. However, these days there are all sorts of colours to mix and chose from. Whether you are into some matte black frames with blue lenses or some gold framed aviators, don’t be scared of breaking out of your comfort zone and trying to colour combinations. Remember, a darker lens will provide more shade and protection in most cases, while a lighter lens will show off those nice eyes of yours.40Fiveblog203. Price.What makes or breaks the prices in different sunglasses? This can vary from materials, styles or plain and simple – the brand. While some sunglasses can go anywhere from $500 upward, this does not necessarily mean they are of better quality. Follow your gut and choice what makes you happy, though remember the simple tip of ‘you get what you pay for.’gonzOlivia, Yaya, Annabel and Nikolina wear The Villain1SunglassesJordy4. Polarised and non polarised – What is the difference? If you are always on the water or in the snow, you’ll know about glare. While polarised lenses reject the glare and rebound the light rays back into the atmosphere, non polarised lenses try their best to filter, though do NOT block these rays. If you are after the best possible lens, look and feel in your sunglasses, polarised is definitely the go. Polarisation will ensure the best possible vision and protection for your eyes.raenfeatAV2blogvalley1VALLEY WOLVES 1spy1T1All imagery: Oakley, AM Eyewear, Sunday Somewhere, Valley Eyewear, Electric, Raen Optics, Spy Optics, Collab.

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