ALBUM OF THE WEEK: The Black Keys - Turn Blue

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posted by James Willmott


The Black Keys…  Is there really much more to say? The rock duo are back with their eighth studio album ‘Turn Blue’, and have never sounded better. The album is full of catchy tracks, funky bass lines and the usual lyrical talents from the duo, certain aspects which helped it make Album of the Week here at SurfStitch. The album was released on May 12, 2014 and has had its reputation spreading like wildfire. The duo take inspiration and influence from many musical avenues including psychedelic rock, funk, blues and at times faster rock and roll, breaking into their new sounds while still wearing their originality and uniqueness on their sleeves.

‘Turn Blue’ is the fourth occasion The Black Keys members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney have teamed up with producer Danger Mouse, also known as Brian Burton. Danger Mouse has no doubt been a factor in the bands success, with their last project together being the 2011 release of ‘El Camino’, which was the highest commercial success the band has seen at that time in their careers. Rather than taking control, Danger Mouse this time worked very close with Auerbach and Carney, putting their three great minds together and coming up and one epic album. Danger Mouse not only played back up keyboard through the entire album, he also help The Black Keys duo write each of the 11 songs featured on ‘True Blue’. Don’t get confused though, The Black Keys is still a two man band and at the moment have no news regarding the recruitment of a third.


The album hit number one on charts in  Australia, Canada and also the United States, something The Black Keys had never experienced prior to the release of ‘Turn Blue’. In the States, it narrowly beat Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’, selling 164,000 copies in the first week. To date, ‘Turn Blue’ has sold over 328,000 in the United States and many more worldwide.

The recording of the album fell around the time Dan Auerbach divorced from his wife, with influences drawn from this life changing event breaking into ‘Turn Blue’. Though not in your face, the feel of this life event is evidently present, but at no time kills the albums vibe or atmosphere. The band recorded the album from July 2013 at Sunset Sounds in Hollywood, with smaller recording sessions taking place at other several smaller studios across the United States.BK

Enjoy Track 4 off ‘Turn Blue’, this week’s Album of the Week at SurfStitch, by The Black Keys. Though the album was released on May 12, this track known as ‘Fever’ was the chosen hit single released earlier in March to give us all a quick taste of what was to come. Enjoy!

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