ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Todd Terje - It's Album Time

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posted by James Willmott


Ready for some feel good beats for the weekend? We have been enjoying the electro and rhythmic sounds of the 2014 released album ‘It’s Album Time’, by Todd Terje all week here at SurfStitch. So much so, that it is this exciting album that takes the title of Album of the Week!

Terje has been praised by many European music critics and claimed as one of the best DJ’s in Europe (huge title, we know), and ‘It’s Album Time’ is the first full length studio album from the Norwegian artist, DJ and producer. The album brings some of his most exciting work to date and the upbeat tempo’s will keep your head bobbing without you even realising. With a bunch of influences and themes present, including disco, jazz, funk, lounge bar, surf instrumentals and plenty of other unique Terje sounds. ‘It’s Album Time’ put Terje on the map once again and has so since being released in April this year. The album jumps from what almost sounds like deep house music to upbeat funky tones, setting a fun and vibrant atmosphere just perfect for the weekend! Although 4 of the 12 tracks have made appearances prior to the album’s release, it’s almost hard to realise, as each track flows so well into one another and the distinction proves hard to acknowledge. TT

Excitement has been building from fans for over 10 years, all waiting for an album release from Terje since the first single dropped. He knows how to build a hype sensation and that is exactly what occurred when finally releasing ‘It’s Album Time’ early on in the year. Terje uses a mix of synthesizes, percussion, trumpets and many other musical talents to create the exciting sounds on ‘It’s Album Time’. The album cover art also proves quite interesting, full of quirky cartoon metaphorical meanings. It was designed by Bendik Kaltenborn, who also designs for New Yorker Magazine.

The album features the hit ‘Inspector Norse’, a track winning several awards including Song of the Year in 2012 by Mixmag. Clash also rated the album 8/10, with reviewer Matt Oliver stating “Its encased plasticity doesn’t mask any novelty. Athletic brightness betters gaudiness while wearing ’80s fashions well, banging out rhythms with fingers that’ve have just come from the cake bowl. It’s album time, and Terje feels epic”

With the upbeat sounds of this album, you’ll be ready to go for the weekend! Whether you are chillaxing at home, having a BBQ on the beach or cruising for a surf or coffee, let the sounds of Todd Terje and his album ‘It’s Album Time’ take the stage and get to set for a weekend full of good vibes, excitement and adventure!

What’s all the fuss you say? Enjoy hit track 12 ‘Inspector Norse’ of ‘It’s Album Time’ by Todd Terje. If you aren’t a fan yet, you soon will be.