Featured Song: Willow Beats - Merewif

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posted by James Willmott


Expectations have been set quite high by the up and coming duo and their forthcoming EP. ‘Merewif’ is the lead single on the EP and it has caught listeners by storm. Pilerats Records have taken upon the duo and feel as though they are going to be a big hit on the electronic scene.willow

The intricate layers of hypnotic electronic sounds and samples gives the song an aqua theme, yet the energy it gives off is electric. The peaceful vocal sounds are quite influential throughout this song, along with the ever so beating bass line that adds another technical aspect to the song. On a whole, the track’s electronic vibe amongst different vocal layers upon splashes and aqua sounds makes it a technical yet perfect lead single making it this week’s Featured Song. Willow Beats are an exciting electronic duo to look out for; big things are set to arise when their forthcoming EP is released, so stay tuned.

Be sure to check this guys out, whether you buy their album or just give them a listen. Enjoy ‘Merewif’ by Willow Beats, here at SurfStitch it has been hot in the headphones everywhere!