Album of the Week: The Rosebuds - Sand + Silence

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posted by James Willmott


This week we have been enjoying the fresh indie sounds of The Rosebuds, and their amazing 2014 album entitled ‘Sand + Silence’. The 11 track album brings the upbeat sounds and atmospheres of Summer straight to listeners ears, and will set the vibes perfectly for a positive and sunny weekend of adventures!

‘Sand + Silence’ is the North Carolina duo’s sixth full length studio album, the first under new label Western Vinyl after a three year hiatus. Released in August, the comforting, yet fast rhythms portray the sounds of The Rosebuds perfectly and keep listeners engaged and interested, managing to not go too over the top. The mix of drum lines, piano chords and guitar riffs all come together like a happy family in ‘Sand + Silence’, and the album can truly be played at any occasion or event.rosebuds-2014-press-650x400Throughout their 13 year career, The Rosebuds have had their ups and downs. The pair debuted while dating, married while at the height of their success and divorced soon after. Nowadays however, the duo seem calm, collected and comfortable as they seem to have finally found the sounds they want to be remembered for. Both members, Kelly Crisp and Ivan Howard, seem to draw inspiration from many sources throughout the album, particularly that from their own youth. From the melodic sounds of George Harrison, to sounds more from the ruthless 1980’s, The Rosebuds have created their own unique sound and persona in the indie-pop music scene. “From the beginning we knew we weren’t going to be a regular band, that we wanted to keep it fun and creative, like an ongoing art project,” said Crisp.

The opening track of ‘Sand + Silence’ is one that really catches the ear. The amazing hooks and guitar sounds scream the name Rosebuds and at though at times repetitive, is a great opening track for the album and one of our favourites at SurfStitch. Each song seems to flow effortlessly into one another, and at stages it’s even hard to stop listening to as the positively echoes and brightens any day.

‘Sand + Silence’ is available now on digital download, vinyl or CD. There’s still plenty to come from this band so get in quick to ensure you don’t miss some of the duo’s best work to date! For more information on The Rosebuds, check out their official page or their Facebook. The weekend is now only around the corner, so why not get in early and enjoy the opening track off The Rosebud’s new album ‘Sand + Silence’, entitled ‘In My Teeth’.

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