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What a week!!!! Words can’t even begin to describe how much fun we have had over the past 8 or so days. I last left off in Venice where we spent the last few days eating gelati, having romantic gondola rides (go in a group – far far cheaper!!) and visiting the outlying islands (you can get an all day ticket for 20€ – cheaper option as each individual ferry costs 7€ so it adds up). I’d definitely visit Murano and Burano – islands famous for glass blowing and colourful housing respectively, both pretty cool! You can also head to Tido island – it is the island with a beach if it’s nice weather! We didn’t make it out there unfortunately, but from photos it looks beautiful!imageWe headed to Split on an overnight ferry from Ancona, and it was an interesting ride… Turns out that even if you print off your e-ticket, you still need to go and redeem it for an actual ticket and check in… We found this out when we tried to get onto the boat at boarding time – would have been very helpful to know earlier seeing as we had 6 hours to kill in Ancona and there is not much to do there… Lonely Planet says the best thing to do in Ancona is leave… Ouch! We only paid for “deck chairs”  as opposed to a cabin which resulted in Lauren and I sleeping on the floor – which wasn’t too bad actually. The crappy part was the fact that we were in an area with about 50 17/18 year old school children who thought it would be funny to keep blowing an air horn… Fun night! Overall the ferry was pretty fancy – so anyone looking for a cheap way to get to Croatia I would definitely look into the ferry option. Cabins are pretty expensive and if you want a private one you have to pay for the four beds so it can add up. Tough it out on the floor for a night to save some money!

This brings us to our week sailing Croatia on a boat… And it was amazing! We had 18 people on our boat – the Delija – with ages ranging from 18-32. I can’t even begin to break it down – I’d be writing for days! There was a lot of swimming, sun, tanning, banter, drinking and eating. We saw some of the clearest and bluest (is that a word??) water I’ve ever seen. We started in Split and sailed to Hvar (which I’ve been pronouncing wrong my entire life – typical Australian), then we moved onto Mljet which had the most incredible national park where the lakes/river met the ocean – beautiful swimming spot. Next was Dubrovnik where I could quite happily live – it’s stunning!  I released my inner Khaleesi in Kings Landing. We went to an awesome bar inside the walls of the old town – called revelin – fun night!  We then sailed to Korčula (went to a fun three level outdoor bar called boogie jungle – we had a great boogie!) and then to Makarska which had an awesome inflatable water park – we lost all grace and dignity trying to get back onto the inflatables once we fell off!  Also visited a rave in a cave – its exactly as it sounds! Unfortunately we had one stormy day in Pučišća – but that ended up being ok as everyone needed a day out of the sun and just sleeping/watching movies to recharge our batteries! Our second last night saw us having a pirate party – two people even got married….sort of! We all woke  up in Omiš – just a small little town – before heading back to Split for our last family dinner! It was actually really sad to leave everyone – we had a pretty intense period of time together, and considering how much we were going out we got to know each other preeeettttyyyy well! Our days consisted of eating a three course lunch every day (we were spoiled for food!), swimming in crystal clear water, comparing notes from last night,  sleeping, drinking and listening to music in the sun! Paradise!! Our tour guide was by far the best – his name was Alex (aka Panda) and he made our week hilarious with his impressive singing voice and funny banter. I could not recommend this trip more highly – it’s called the 8 Day Island Hopper and is done through Busabout. If you’re thinking about doing it – stop thinking and book now! Early bird offers are applicable and worthwhile! Truly words cannot describe how good it was (unfortunate seeing as I’m writing a blog!), so I’ll leave you with some photos instead! A picture says a thousand words….right?


The family on The Delija in Hvar.


Kings Landing! AKA Dubrovnik in the Common Tongue.


Lauren in paradise in Makarska.


National park in Mljet where the lakes/river meets the Adriatic Sea.

We’re still in Split at the moment, and it’s a really cool city! There’a lots of twisting streets with cool things hidden around every corner. Diocletian’s Palace makes up the old town city centre – and they have literally used the palace as their foundation – it is a really cool effect having a city made from a palace! The limestone blocks that make up the floor are smooth from years and years of wear – and extra slippery for it, just a warning! As an added bonus, Game of Thrones is currently filming in Split  – we’ve seen many extras, some of the Unsullied, but day 3 of Khaleesi hunting and still no sighting. For anyone coming to Split and looking for a good meal – I had the best cheese burger of my life at a restaurant called 07….it was amazing!

We hop on the ferry back to Ancona and then will be in Rome from Monday!

Until then!