Trend Edit: 1988

  • Style
posted by James Willmott

1988 is a lifestyle that’s clothes were built on hits of colour, where music would influence what you would wear and when the surfing and skating culture was intertwining. The way people are dressing so differently today, is reminiscent of the 80’s punk culture. Different genres of music along with the social scene are defining the trends that are today, the retro tees amongst the rolled or ripped jeans with the five panels to top it off. It’s funny how these old, almost dead trends come back to life. More and more people are reverting back to the old school fish or the retro decks to rip up the bowls with. The likes of Rusty and Billabong have really carved this 1988 feel back into today’s trends, with their original tees smaller logo at the front with an enlarged one at the back. Also the comfortable, loose flowing, tie dye tees that allow the summer breeze to cool you down whilst nailing a sliding turn on the half pipe.

This is what 1988 is all about, getting together and not worrying about the clothes you wore. Everyone has their take on what’s out there and brings it to the bowl, that’s what made this year/decade such a prominent era for surf and skate culture. Individualism is at an all-time high; people are going back to the vintage shops and trying new combinations because society is letting them. Branching out for shirts that make a bold statement, daring to be different which does help bring out people’s personality. 1988’s culture was a laidback lifestyle and having a bit of attitude, showing why it is such an envious lifestyle for those searching to skate and surf wherever there is a break and wherever there is a half-pipe.