Trend Edit: Sneakers

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posted by James Willmott

Everyone has their favourite pair of sneakers that they continuously buy when they get too worn out. They become timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Sneakers have many purposes as you know, but with the diverse range that are created these days you’re bound to find a pair that will make you eager for more. I mean these days, a pair of Vans is almost a basic essential for anyone’s wardrobe. Yet there are so many styles, cuts and colours of Vans that will help you define your feet. Old school styles have also been trending as of late, the combinations that are prevailing through new hi-tops and colours are insane so be sure to kick it back old school when having a search for some new sneakers.

Don’t limit what you wear to surf or skate fashion, there so many unique styles of runners and boots that can be wicked additions to your sneaker collection. Nike and Adidas just keep making new waves of shoes that just don’t disappoint. Even Broken Homme have jumped on board with us; they’ve got an exclusive range that only Australia has. When it comes to sneakers, it’s imperative that you open up any narrow minded thoughts about styles or colours and be open to everything that is out there. Bold statement sneakers can give the simplest outfit a new edge. Also whether it be practicality or a fashion statement you’re going for, the types of sneakers that offer both today is just mind boggling.