Introducing Rolla's

  • Style
posted by Kate McCart

Meet Andy Paltos and Sarah Gilsenan, the couple behind uber-cool denim brand Rolla’s. Based in Melbourne’s inner suburbs, both Andy and Sarah have worked with global denim and lifestyle brands. After years of dreaming of a denim label of their own, they bit the bullet and started designing something a little bit more personal to them. Joining forces with the well-known jeans brand, Faberge, together they’ve managed to create something free and modern but with deep roots and fond memories to draw from.

Rolla’s inspiration rests upon the things they grew up with, like Aussie pub rock bands infused with their coastal hometowns. Integrating modern fabrication with denim, they’ve made sure the jeans will fit you like a glove. Seriously, they’re your second skin. In short, they’ve kept in simple, and in a really good way.