Interview: Snowboarder, Rocco Rachiele

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posted by James Willmott

26 year-old Rocco Rachiele was born in Melbourne, and grew up on the Gold Coast.  At 21 the Aussie snowboarder packed his bags for snowier pastures, and has been shredding and shooting with his crew, The Demunz in Australia and the US since. Sponsored by Stepchild Snowboards, Rhythm Snowboard shop, The Supply Co Brand, Spy Optics, Slick Wicks, Wax Ponds and Rayl Co (to name a few), we took a couple of minutes with Rachiele to find out more about the man.

You’re one of the leaders in the new generation of Australian boarders, how did that come to be?
I guess riding with our crew, The Demunz has definitely helped. We push each other to do dumb stuff and it seems to pay off! Ha!

Tell us how you scored the cover of Australian New Zealand Snowboarding’s Board Buyers Guide?
We were on a trip along the East Coast in the US, and ended up road-tripping from NYC to Quebec City in Canada. A local mate of mine took us to this iconic snowboarding spot in Montreal that has been slayed by some of the best in the business! That day Ryan Anderson got an epic shot of me, which surprisingly ended up on the cover of Australian New Zealand Snowboarding’s Board Buyers guide. It was cool enough just to hit the spot, let alone end up on the cover.

Spending your early years on the Gold Coast, I guess surfing and skateboarding helped the transition into snowboarding?
Yeah, they both have for sure! They all have a lot of similarities in movement, body positioning and balance, which helped shape and snowboarding style.

You are currently doing your 5th season in Jindabyne, why there?
I love riding and hanging with all the boys. Boarding with mates is the most fun thing in the world. Plus, we ride Perisher Resort because it has the best terrain parks in Australia. It’s pretty much those two things that get me back there every season.

Give us a run down on your typical day up on the mountain?
Wake up, eat some oats, shower to warm the bones and then send a few messages to Rainer Occhilupo and Jye Kearney to sort out who’s in the daily convoy up the hill. We usually leave Jindy at around 10am. As soon as we get to Perisher we gear up and walk straight to the Front Valley Terrain Park. We hot lap the park all day until I get hungry and thirsty, then it’s into the pub just at the bottom for a wrap and some water. I go back out for a chilled afternoon until about 3pm then cruise back to Jindy to shower, chill and eat again before I start work at 5pm.

When you aren’t snowboarding, what do you do with your time?
I work five nights a week, and three days at a second job. Between that and snowboarding I don’t get a lot of free time. Whenever I do, I skate or just relax to give my body a bit of a rest.

Any international trips in the pipeline? Do you think you’ll take competing seriously at some point?
Ever since I started snowboarding, I have done seasons in the US – the place is amazing. It’s cheap, has the best resorts in the world, and our crew always seems to end up over there together. It’s safe to say I’ll end up over there again. Filming is definitely what I’m about, but I do compete every now and then for the support and after party shenanigans!

Any upcoming film projects or shoots?
My mate Tom Hannam, a videographer from Perisher tries to pump out weekly park edits, so we’ll be busy with that all season. I’m also hoping to do some pow riding stuff at Blue Lake or down in Mt Hotham, Victoria. 

What would you recommend to people like yourself who are chasing their dreams, especially the young snowboarders?
I don’t see it as a dream, it’s more of a lifestyle for me. I love being up in the mountains and away from that typical 9am – 5pm city life. The places I get to see and snowboard make me want do it more and more, and I wouldn’t have ever gone to half the places I’ve been without it. Just snowboard as much as you can, and if you love doing it it’s only a matter of time before you get good and comfortable. And that’s when you’ll get recognised. I think sooner or later no matter what industry you’re in you end up meeting the right people that push you further and help you to hopefully make a living with something to do with what you love doing… I guess ha?

*Clip by Marcus Skin