Ursine: Rite Of Passage

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posted by Kate McCart

“Essentially rehearsals just don’t really work at all!” is probably the best way I can describe upcoming Tassie band Ursine. This indie/rock outfit is a six piece set of guys – Jack Howe, Hamish Cunningham, Alex Raw, Nick Rubock, Matt Gaby and Harri Osborne making great music in the most functionally-unorganised way.

I’m going to be honest with you, I knew them when they first started in high school, and the music’s only gotten better. The organisation you’re going to have to deal with.


So many people dream of musical success but according to guitarist Howe they’ve never questioned whether this is still want they want. “It’s hard to do that when you’re in the midst of things and you are loving it so much.”

“There are bits in all of our songs that I’m really proud of.” And it must be hard to pick a favourite when you’ve got tunes called everything from ‘Shit Friend’ to ‘Everything Looks Better’. My personal favourite will always be ‘Find A Bear’, probably only because it’s the first original I heard; about four years ago when they were a band-that-wasn’t-really-a-band.

Unlike me though, the guys are fully focused on what’s to come. “[Getting recognised on Triple J] Unearthed was pretty cool, but we try not to get too hooked up on that… It’s nice to look back on but a lot’s changed since then, we are much happier with where we are now.”

Taking a quick detour (I promise it’s all relevant) according to Howe “Falls [Festival in Marion Bay] is kind of a three day ‘rite of passage’ for young people in Tasmania… If we could play up on that stage we would be so grateful. It would do big things for us”.

This, aside from being quite a cool quote to pull, is actually a very real possibility. Through the ‘Foster a Band’ initiative and a lot of voting, Ursine may just be up there and performing for the next round of young people. And trust me, if you hear they’re going to be up there, you really should be there too.

But aside from that, and because most probably by the time anyone reads this the winning acts will have already been announced, the boys are in the almost-but-not-definitely stage of a 2015 move to Melbourne. As well as definitely having new music and a tour off the back of it.

“For the moment we’ve just got back to writing again which is nice, it feels like we haven’t really stopped and had time to write since our Everything Looks Better EP was released!”

And now, because I want to go and listen to their music, I’m going to leave you with a little fact.

“Ursine is the name for bears. It’s like how dogs are canine and stuff, well bears are ursine. We were driving in the car together on the way to the first show we’d ever played or something and we were trying really hard to think of a name.”

SIDE NOTE: Since catching up with Ursine it has been announce that the band won the Foster a Band initiative and will be playing at this year’s Falls Festival in Marion Bay.

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