Two Minutes With Skateboarder, Mikey Mendoza

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posted by James Willmott

Meet Mikey Mendoza.  At 17 years old, he’s accomplished more than your average kid. From the minute you meet him, you can’t help but back him – it’s quite apparent he’s going to achieve great things. School Captain and one of Australia’s most promising skateboarders, he’s a born leader and one to keep an eye on. We sat down with Mikey to catch up on graduating school, talk skateboarding and what’s next in the pipeline.


Mikey, tell us who you are and a little about yourself.
Well, my name is Mikey Mendoza. I was born on the 25th of June 1997 on Queensland soil. My surname ‘Mendoza’ is Spanish (as is my Dad). I have just graduated from Elanora State High School, leaving behind my School Captainship. I have been skateboarding for  over 9 years now, and there hasn’t been a day where I’m hyped to go shred. While I’m only 17, some say I have an “old head on my shoulders”. Thankfully not physically, because that would suck! I’d say I’m a very determined and focused lad that is committed to make my dreams become a reality, and soon.

School Captain – with great power comes great responsibility! Did you enjoy the school spotlight?
It is true! ha-ha! A skateboarder who is School Captain?! Some would say, it’s unheard of. Being a skateboarder has definitely tied me to the whole ‘punk’ stereotype. But, I’m not. Even my teachers have told me that I’m not your typical skateboarder. Like most people, I hate losing (a lot) and being School Captain wasn’t something I was prepared to loose.

It’s great to see someone succeed in their studies, as well as a sport they’re passionate about…
I can  honestly say that I’m extremely proud to look back and see what I’ve already achieved. Growing up, I hated school for a number of reasons. Both of my parents suffer from mental illness, which meant I never had that support at home. It meant that I didn’t fit in to the school environment. It meant that I hardly ever had lunch, school books or even a school bag. The one thing I did have was my skateboard by my side – always. During Primary School, I hardly went to school. I used to spend my days skating, so much so that I was skating better than most guys double my age. While that was cool, little did I, or anybody for that matter know that when entering High School I was completely illiterate. Pretty rough, I know. I soon realised that it was in my best interest to move out of my parents house and move in with my Aunt and Uncle. I knew I needed to focus on school. And, I did. 5 years later, with the my Aunt, Uncle and the school’s help, I was predicted an OP 6. I was also recently awared the Subject Excellence Award for Business Organisation and Management. I really believe in choice, not circumstances, determine your success.


Schoolies is on! Are you heading to Surfers Paradise to party on with all your mates?
I don’t really see a point on spending thousands of dollars on a hotel room in Surfers to drink booze every night until the sun comes up. I have a huge skate tour with Red Bull through Schoolies anyway.

Who are you currently riding for?
I currently ride for Nike Skateboarding Footwear & Apparel, Red Bull Australia, Precinct Skate Shop, Almost Skateboards, Picture Wheels, Modus Bearings, Lusty Industries –  Ethika underwear, Ogio and Skullcandy.

We know it’s hard picking one, but who’s your all-time favourite skater?
It’s changed so many times, but because I have to pick on right now, I would say Eric Koston. The things he does, back in the day and still are so gnarly. He’s one of many all time skateboarding legends. He redefined street skateboarding. I’m sure people would argue that point though. 

What are your favourite amp up beats to crank before a session?
I usually don’t listen to music at all when skating or before a session, but I’ll always be into classic MJ hits. What gets me hyped is when I’m with a tight crew of homies. 


Where’s your favourite place to skate?
There is a spot in Melbourne –  Camberwell. It’s a huge library with huge sets of stairs everywhere – 3 blocks, 4 blocks, 5 blocks. It’s got a perfect run up and it’s smooth as. It’s mint!

What’s your favourite food?
I’ve become addicted to sushi. I love Japanese people and know how to speak the language a little. I usually go and buy sushi and speak to the staff and learn new phrases in Japanese.

What’s your go-to trick?
Down stairs, it’s definitely a kick flip. Rails, it would have to be a frontside boardslide. And ledges, it’s always backside tailslides! I always start a game of skate off with a Tre (360) flip though.

What’s next for Mikey Mendoza? We heard a move to Sydney is on the cards?
What you hear is true! I’ll be in and around Sydney for most of 2015. I have to get amongst the skate scene down there, it’s huge compared the the GC. I want to release a legit street part, which is something I have struggled with in the past because of school taking priority. Thailand is already on the cards for late December, but a big skate trip throughout the US is what I need to become a better skateboarder, and get more exposure.

We’ll keep you posted with Mikey’s foot steps as he continues to chase his skateboarding dream!