Two Minutes With Chris Cole

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posted by James Willmott

Chris Cole – the man is one of the biggest influences in modern day skateboarding, and never ceases to amaze us as he continues to push the boundaries. We were lucky enough to catch up with Chris to catch up on what he’s been up to, chat about life in between skateboarding, and what’s next in the pipeline.

You just aired the news that you’re releasing ‘The Motivation 2: The Chris Cole Story’. Tell us about this project?
It’s still in the works now. Its going to be great! My story is the same as any other skate rat kid – it just so pans out that my dream came true. It will have archival footage that’s never been seen, sponsor me tapes, and pictures that haven’t come out.

It’s amazing to see how far you have come since skating the gutters  Philly. Does it feel surreal?
It really does – it’s like I am living in a dream world that I’ve made up. I am extremely happy with life – not that it has been all good. Just because life isn’t easy, doesn’t make it bad. I have so much good  stuff to lean on. I’m really stoked about it. 

Skateboarding has become a huge influence in other industries including art, fashion and film. How has this changed since you first got into the sport?
It used to be this real bad ass counter culture of misfits who didn’t conform to what everyone else was doing. There is still a core of that, but growth brought more pretty boys – haha. Down-and-dirty skating is still the same, there is just more diversity now.

You have won some of the biggest competitions in skateboarding. What’s been the most victorious? Surely Super Crown has to be up there?
Being awarded Skater Of The Year twice is the Holy Grail. Winning Super Crown is the tops of competing though. It was a different type of contest for me to win – it took a lot of mental power.

What do you do to amp yourself up before a big event?
Get a good song stuck in your head and be happy. I talk myself through it, and remind myself that I really can do it. I’m pretty much my own motivational speaker.

Favourite trick?
Kick flip, tee flip, front blunt.


I’ve heard you’re a bit of a perfectionist when it comes skating – it’s evident in your trick executions. Do you see yourself like this?
Not at all!! haha. I see myself as someone who wants to master his craft but wants it to be customised. I don’t want land perfectly every time or make it look too easy. I’m no robot –  I’m blue collar.

What are your hobbies outside skateboarding?
Guitar, VMX, playing in the woods, bow and arrow, designing clothing…

When you’re not at the park, what do your days entail? 
Running around trying to be a good husband and father – playing with the kids and doing my best to help my wife.

I’m sure you’re always hanging around with new Pro AM’s and up-and-comers. Who is your favourite underground skater that deserves a shot at the big time?
Ed Duff rules – he’s such a good person and skates like a champ. Julian Heller is awesome as well – he goes for it like he needs a trick to survive.

If you could skate anywhere in the world, where would you choose?
China, or Woodward skate camp. Philadelphia with my friends is always the best too.

Any plans to come back Down Under?
I’m always down for you guys. I’ve been there 8 times now, and can’t wait to make it nine. I haven’t got any ticket confirmations though!

Most big name skateboarders seem to  move to design and other behind the scenes careers when they retire. Do you see yourself doing the same?
I love doing that stuff, but I want to get on the mic more to share what I know about skating with people.

Any shout-outs?
Yes shout out to you for having me, Jake Hayes and Dane Burman.

Any last words?
Life is about great memories. Make em.

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