Owen Wright Joins JS Industries

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posted by James Willmott

Two huge names in the surfing industry have joined forced to bring us something spectacular! Founder, Owner and Shaper of JS Industries, Jason Stevenson and current World Number 12, Owen Wright have partnered up in a three year sponsorship deal that will add new and exciting levels to both of their respected careers. It wasn’t as simple as Wright choosing the fellow Aussie either. Wright tested boards from shapers all over the world to find the one that felt right under his feet – It so happened to be one of Stevenson’s.

“At one point, before the Quiksilver Pro, there were 80 boards from all different shapers in my living room that I was testing! It was JS who felt right, standing out as the best and most consistent for what I want from a board.”

Want to surf like Owen? Check out JS Industries here!