A Sneak Peek Inside The Rip Curl Hawaii House

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posted by James Willmott

With the Billabong Pipe Masters still on hold, here’s what the boys have been up to inside the Rip Curl house.

fanning_@coreywilson#gomickMick Fanning pre Pipe surf on the Rip Curl deck.

fanning_medina@coreywilson#gomick#vaimedinaFanning, Medina and fellow Rip Curl team riders splitting the peak at Pipe and Backdoor.

medina_drop@coreywilson#vaimedinaGabriel Medina getting some training in at the Banzai.

medina_fanning@coreywilson#gomick#vaimedinaMedina and Fanning sharing some down time in the living room.

medina_workout@coreywilson#vaimedinaMedina swaps the board for the ball in a backyard training session.

mick_cooking@coreywilson#gomickMick cooking up a mega carbo feast.

parko_fanning_kitchen@coreywilson#gomickMick and Joel Parkinson talking waves…

*All imagery by Rip Curl