Two Minutes with Surf Photographer, Cait Miers

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posted by Kate McCart

We took two with photographer, Cait Miers only days before she won the 2014 Pedestrian TV Photography Awards.

At 22 years-old, she fell in love with photography, surf photography in particular, three years ago. Born and raised in St Martha, a small coastal town south of Melbourne, you can see her love and passion for the ocean translate through her incredible portfolio of images.

Read on to see what makes this up-and-comer tick.


Describe yourself in three words…

Ambitious, happy and motivated. 

Where are you based?
On the Mornington Peninsula – about an hour south of Melbourne. 

What triggered your interest in photography?
Since I was around 18, I wanted to be able to combine my love of surfing with an adventurous and free spirited lifestyle – photography seemed like a really great opportunity to do so. I remember sitting on the rocks out at Snapper when I was 16 and taking photos with my mum’s camera. It was then that I thought to myself, “I’d love to do this as a job one day”. 

You’re a surf and fashion photographer… What drew you to these two genres?
I’ve always loved surfing and wanted to be a surf photographer from the get go. I wanted to express the graceful beauty of women surfing through feminine, soft imagery. For me, surfing lies hand in hand with fashion, so I started doing a few odd fashion jobs too. Most of the fashion work I do is quite lifestyle based, so I think I really get the best of both worlds!

Is photography your full-time gig?
I guess it is – yeah! It’s kind of hard to comprehend that – haha. I just finished a degree in Photography, and have been working part-time at a wine bar whilst juggling uni and photography gigs. Since graduating, there has been a transition and I’m now working on photography everyday.

Have you had any your work published?
A few times in local surf mags, but nothing major yet. That is something that I’m working towards in 2015. I just self-published my own coffee table book, ‘Washed Elegance’ which is all about the beauty of female surfing. That’s been keeping me pretty busy, 

What do you love about photography?
The way a photograph can make you feel. I find it fascinating that people can be moved and inspired through one image. I try and evoke emotion and feeling through my photography, using the medium to convey my messages and essentially show a reflection of myself as a person. 

What equipment do you use?
I’ve got a Canon 7D DSLR at the moment, and Aquatech underwater housing. I have a 24-70mm lens, a 50mm lens and a Tokina fish eye which I use for underwater. I’ve kept things pretty basic up until now, but next year I’m looking into buying more equipment!

Tell us the story behind your favourite picture you entered into this year’s Pedestrian Photography Awards?
This shot has got to be one of my favourites! It’s calming. It’s elegant. She’s fearless and feels so comfortable in the ocean.

What is your favourite photo you have taken?
That’s a tough one! I’d have to say one of these two little Cambodian boys. I was backpacking through Cambodia when our boat broke down and we were forced to retreat to a nearby village for a few hours. These kids came running out and I don’t think they’d ever seen a camera before. It was so beautiful. I spent those few hours playing and taking photos of the kids and it was an experience I’ll never forget. I’m so glad our boat broke down that day!

What has been your favourite photography job?
I’ve had some incredible days shooting over the past year, both for myself and for clients. I’ve travelled to some pretty amazing places with some really interesting people. It’s hard to choose.

What is your next job?
I have a few things planned for the start of the year and maybe a bit of travel through Indo next year! I will just see what happens!

What is your greatest achievement?
My greatest achievement is people coming up to me and telling me how my photos make them feel or have inspired them. I’d never even dreamed to be in this position a few years ago, working for myself and living out my dreams day to day. It’s a total blessing.

Describe your morning routine…
Every day is different for me at the moment, but the morning will always involve coffee and a chat with friends.

What is your dream Sunday?
Beach day! Plonking myself on the beach for the entire day and surfing with mates.

Three things you can’t live without?
Family, friends and a sense of ambition and purpose.

Tea or coffee?

Cats or dogs?

Next on your travel itinerary?
Maybe Indo, maybe Europe – who knows!