Two Minutes With Sally Fitzgibbons About 'Live Like Sally'

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posted by Kate McCart

Pro Surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons teamed up with Stab Magazine Editor, Lucas Townsend to publish her new book. Having just hit the shelves, Live Like Sally is full of Sally’s health and well being advice and is the perfect summer read. But that’s not all that Sally has been up to. We caught up with our homegrown Aussie to talk about her relationship with pals and fellow competitors, Steph Gilmore and Tyler Wright, her competition preparation secrets, and knocking the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race off her bucket list.

Tell us a little about your new book, Live Like Sally?
It is a snap shot into my way of living. What makes me tick and all the components that make up my approach to competing at the elite level and my life in general. Whether it’s a tid bit on nutrition, training, competing or skin care after being in the sun all day, I’m hoping you can discover what you are looking for in Live like Sally.

How long did it take you and Lucas to finish the book ?
We worked on the book for a year together but with all the travel and events we really had to rally in the last few months to get it off to the printers. The team poured all we had into the project and we are hoping you feel that love and dedication when you turn through the pages.

How did you juggle writing a book and competing?
It’s exciting trying to juggle so many things. You have to have your time management skills in check to fit everything in. At times I feel I’m moving around a little too quickly to let it all sink in, but that’s how I love living my life. Making the most of every opportunity that is thrown my way.

I’ve heard that you’re great mates with Steph Gilmore and Tyler Wright. I’m sure there would have to be a bit of healthy competition?
It’s been a strong year for our Aussie Women’s surfers… There are really healthy rivalries between the three of us,  and we all respect each others space when competing. I think it is great to have those friends/rivals on Tour to help push you to the next level. You have to keep evolving your surfing, approach and yourself as an athlete to keep ahead of the pack. That’s what rivals do, they keep the fire lit inside of you to keep working harder.

How do you get into the right head space before competitions? Do you have any preparation secrets that you can share?
As I go through my warm up routines and preparations for a heat it naturally puts me in that head space that I’m about to go to battle. A little ritual I do before paddling out for my heat is grabbing a handful of sand and rubbing it between both hands and squishing it between my toes. I feel it connects me with the break I’m about to surf. I also thank the ocean for having me there on that day.

You’re taking up the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race challenge this year. How did this opportunity come about?
It has always been on the bucket list to participate in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race. All my Boxing Days have revolved around watching the start since as young as I can remember. As they sailed down the coast we would run down to the end of the headland with binoculars. I had to pinch myself as I stepped on Perpetual Loyal for the first time to start my training. I can’t believe I’m actually going to be experiencing the race first hand. I’ve learnt so much already, I can’t wait to spend more time learning about the ocean from a different perspective.

What is the ultimate goal you’d like to achieve?
A World Title is the goal that I will continue to strive for, but a goal that is as important is to continue to improve my surfing. I feel I have a lot more to give and just have to find a way to unlock that. It excites me to try and learn new things and implement them out in the water.

If you could give any advice to young, up and coming athletes what would it be?
Enjoy the Journey, it’s a cliche but it is a good one. There are so many ups and downs that you will face on the way to achieving your ultimate goal and you have to try and embrace them and learn along the way. Enjoy taking a moment to celebrate achievements and don’t forget those who have sacrificed so much to help get you to where you are at. And, most importantly, have Fun!

Any final words or shout outs?
A huge thanks to our crew that have worked tirelessly on the book. I hope you all enjoy Live Like Sally as much as Lucas and I enjoyed writing it.