Anti-Gravity Yoga

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posted by Kate McCart

Have you ever thought it was possible to do a total body workout whilst being suspended two feet off the floor? Well, it is… Introducing Anti-Gravity Yoga – the newest fitness fad that combines Cirque de Soleil style acrobatics with traditional yoga poses.

Not for the faint hearted, Anti-Gravity Yoga was invented by former gymnast and dancer, Christopher Harrison as a way to combine aerial acrobatics with the serenity of yoga practice. Endorsed by terrifically toned beauties such as Brazilian big wave surfer, Maya Gabeira and glitzy Gwyneth Paltrow, Anti-Gravity Yoga promises to be the New Year’s resolution you’ll want to keep.

I took two minutes with Sharee, an instructor Sydney’s home of Anti-Gravity Yoga, Light and Flight.


First and foremost, what is Anti-Gravity Yoga?

Anti-Gravity Yoga is a comprehensive fitness technique designed to increase overall health and physical agility (while having fun, of course). This unique sequence of exercises is intended to strengthen the muscles using the Anti-Gravity Hammock – a new yoga prop that acts as a soft trapeze.

Do you have to be an aspiring yogi to try Anti-Gravity Yoga, or is it open to everyone?
Anyone who can do at least 3 consecutive sit ups can do Anti-Gravity Yoga. We also have Anti-Gravity restorative classes, which are much more accessible for anyone looking to build their strength and flexibility.

What are the added benefits of Anti-Gravity Yoga in comparison to regular Yoga?
The benefits are endless! Some of the most unique and exciting benefits are specific to the Zero-Compression Inversions accomplished using the Anti-Gravity Hammock. You will leave the class feeling lighter and refreshed, your posture will be improved and over time you will gain increased muscular flexibility and core strength. Not to mention, you’ll also be releasing important happy hormones such as serotonin, endorphins and enkephalins.

Do you have to have a high level of physical fitness to try Anti-Gravity Yoga?
No matter what, YOU monitor your own resistance so each class is as hard or as easy as you choose to work. If you can do 3 consecutive sit ups, you can do Anti-Gravity Yoga. The beginner courses progress, so with each class you will improve strength and flexibility.

What do I need to bring?
Your inner child that loved to play on the monkey bars and swings all those years ago!