Two Minutes With David Gonzalez

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posted by James Willmott

David Gonzales has come along way since his childhood in Medellin, Columbia. Know for his rock’n’roll image and raw style, he now lives in LA and travels the globe as one of the world’s best street skateboarders. Continuing to push the limits in the boarding realm, you’ll catch him throwing seemingly impossible tricks down handrails and stairs, or shredding his backyard ramp.

We caught up with Gonzales to chat about starting out, dealing with injuries, favourite skaters and what’s next in the pipeline.

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Gonz, thanks for taking time out to catch up. You were discovered as a skateboarder at 12 years old in Columbia. What got you into riding in the first place?
Yeah, no worries man! Let’s do this!! So I use to see people around my hood skating all the time and I thought it was cool, so my Mom got me a board and it was game on!

What motivates you to keep skateboarding and pushing yourself to go bigger and harder?
I get really motivated when I see people that are 45 years old and still skating, like Stevie Cab. Playing rock’n’roll music with my guitar keeps me going too…

Where in the world haven’t you skated, but are dying to?
I’ve never been to South Africa. It would be sick to skate there and check out the vibes.

I bet there are a few underground spots in South America?
I’m sure there are a few, but I’m never there anymore so I’m not too sure.

Who are you currently riding for?
Electric sunglasses, Volcom, Globe shoes, Flip Skateboards, Independent, Ricta and Mob Grip.

You’ve got one of the best ramps I’ve seen in your own backyard. What’s the biggest trick you’ve seen done on it and by who?
Yeah, I love my ramp. I think Grant Taylor did the biggest front side air – he destroyed the ramp!

You broke your leg earlier in the year, how’s the recovery been? Tell us what happened?
Yes I did. I was skating at a local park and I  broke my ankle super bad. It took me 9 months to get back on the board. I feel great now, and am ready to get gnarly again. I probably have to skate with plates on my ankle for a few years but that’s no big deal.

You play a bit of Guitar in your spare time with your band. Come and do a gig next time you are in Aus!?
Man, I love playing guitar – it’s crazy! I have a trash metal band called RATTBLACK and we’re just some skating dudes rocking out, but yeah hopefully we’ll get to play a gig in Aus soon. It would be so sick.

Give us the run-down of a typical day in the life with David Gonzalez?
I wake up around 8am, have some breakfast, play guitar for a bit and then skate all day. Sometimes I go and shoot photos and film, or do some social media stuff.  When I get back home, I pretty much play guitar all night until I pass out.

Who’s the usual crew you roll with?
It’s always a different crew, but most of the time with the Flip crew, like Geoff Rowley etc..

Who’s your favourite skater and why?
Right now, I would have to say Steve Caballero because he can skate anything with the skateboard; big long rails, sick airs on ramps. He has a lot of style when he skates pools and he also loves to play guitar too.

Any up and coming projects?
Yeah, I have new signature sunglasses and watch designed by Electric (released mid 2015), and new Globe shoes coming out too. I’m also trying to film a few videos and focus on contests.

Your raw rock-n-roll style and fearless approach to skateboarding is a huge reason young skaters all over the world are trying to follow in your footsteps. Do you have any advice for thosechasing the same dream?
Yeah man just keep the dream alive! Anything is possible in this life,  just never give up on the dream..

Where do you see yourself in 10 year’s time?
Man in 10 years I’m probably going to be doing the same things as now. I’m just going to look older, and yeah hopefully support people with my own brand! 

*Imagery by Electric & DSL Mag